Duration: 14 days
    Maximum number of people: 40
    Location: Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Iran
    Price: Adult: $1.345,00
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    Half of Iran Tour, a 14 days tour in west and center of Iran. we gana to visit 10 city and town in this tour. a traditional and sightseeing tour in Iran. so let’s go to try this tour.


      Tour’s Program

      In first day of half of Iran tour and after we visit our local guide in Imam Khomeini International Airport, we going to a Tehran explore tour. we will visit the Jwerly Museum, Azadi Tower and Abgine Museum in Tehran. we also have some free time to enjoy Tehran nights in our first day.
      After a nice night in a four stars hotel in Tehran we start our day 2 with a breakfast and checkout the hotel we going to a half day Tehran tour. today we wana to visit Tehra palaces. Sa'ad Abad and Niyavaran Palace. 2 bulding of Iranian art and history. after those, we transfer to Hamedan. we have about 4 hours to Hamedan. so we eat dinner in the way. after we arrive Hamedan, we have a city explor tour. we going to visit Hegmataneh traditional area. one of the oldest human lifestyle.
      In day 3 we want a half day tour in Hamedan and then we going to Kermanshah. so we check out the hotel and we going to visit Ester & Mordecai Tombs, BuAli Sina & Baba Taher Mausoleums. after that we will transfer to Kermanshah. in Kermanshah we going to visit Bisotun & Taq-e Bustan bas relief carvings (UNESCO Site) in our Half of Iran tour. we have a Kermanshah half day tour and night.
      We start day 4 by visiting Kermanshah. after this city we going to Ahvaz. but in our way to Ahvaz, we will have a full day excursion to Shush (Susa) (UNESCO Site). after that we going to Ahvaz for rest and some free time
      In day 5 we we going to visit Tchogha Zanbil Ziggurat, another UNESCO Site in this tour. after this sight we will visit Haft Tappen. we back to Ahvaz and have some free time in Ahvaz.
      In day 6 we will transfer to shiraz. a long drive via Bishapur and Tangeh Chogan bring us to the famous city of Shiraz. we have some free time in shiraz.
      We start day 7 by a daily tour in Shiraz. we going to Karim Khan Citadel, Tombs of Hafez and Sa`adi, Eram Garden (UNESCO Site), Vakil Mosque & Bazzar, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque and Jameh-ye Atigh Mosque. we also have some free time for shopping and rest.
      In day 8 and after checkout we going to 2500 years ago. to Achaemenian era. we going to visit Persepolis Complex (UNESCO Site) in a Half day tour. we continue our Half of Iran tour by visiting Rock tombs of Naqsh-e Rajab & Naqsh-e Rostam and also we have a sightseeing in Pasargadae – Tomb of Cyrus (UNESCO Site). after Pasargad we driving to Yazd. we have some sightseeing in Yazd.
      Day 9 is Yazd day. we visit Yazd – Jameh Mosque, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Zoroastrian Fire Temple and Towers of Silence burial grounds. we also have some free time in Yazd for rest or shopping.
      In day 10 we leaving the Yazd and continue our way to Isfahan. but we have a special city in our way. Na'in, a city in heart of Iran's deserts. we have a sightseeing in Na'in. Na'in Jameh Mosque. after Na'in we going to Isfahan. we arrive to Isfahan at late afternoon, so we have Isfahan bridge visiting. we visit Siosepol and Khaju bridge.
      After a nice night in Isfahan, we start day 11 in Isfahan. we have a half day tour in Imam Square (UNESCO Site). we eat lunch here and then we going to visit Chehel Soton, Hasht Bhesht and Vank Cathedral Museum. we also have a special night in Isfahan.
      We going to Natanz in 12 day. we want to visit Abyaneh village a nice day tour. we arrive Abyaneh in 3 hours driving and got a nice day tour in Abyaneh. we stay in Abyaneh for this night
      Kashan is our last city in this tour. we going to kashan in day 13 and we have some sightseeing in this 6000 years old city. Fin Garden (UNESCO Site), Sialk Hill and Khan-e Borujedi. we have a kashan naight.
      In day 14 we transfer back to Tehran for depart.

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        2 persons september 23 to october 4 arriving and leaving at Teheran international airportwhat is included in the tour, and excluded as a canadian i need a a number issued by the ministry of of foreign affair to get the visa
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