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    Location: Isfahan, Iran
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    4 days Isfahan tour. live in the city of history, culture and art. special tour for Isfahan. Isfahan is the capital of Safavid from 1050 to 1722. the city was built by Elamite Civilization 2700 BCE and the city called Ispandana. Isfahan historically is one the important cities of Iran. since Median Impire to present Isfahan is the one of the main cities of governments. so we going to visit this special city in a 4 days tour.

    Tour’s Program

    in first day of isfahan tour and after we arrive airport and meet with our local guide, we transfer to our hotel. our special traditional hotel, the Abbasi Hotel.this is the oldest hotel of the world and it's the best choice for this tour. we want to feel the history and we start this feeling from our hotel. after we check in and rest we going to visit Chehel Soton of the first Shah Abbas Palace. greatest Impire of Safavid. after that we going to visit Naghsh- Jahan Square in a full day tour. Naghsh-e Jahan Square was built in 1629 in Safavid Impire. we starting with Bazzar in Naghsh-e Jahan Square. we also going to Ali Qapu. this palace was the entrance of Safavid government building and built in second Shah Abbas era. now the lunch time. so we should going to a historical restaurant. so we going to Naghsh-e Jahan traditional restaurant in Naghsh-e Jahan Square and eat a nice Iranian food with a live traditional Iranian music. after lunch we continue our Naghsh-e Jahan tour by visiting Imam mosque. we have another mosque in the Naghsh-e Jahan square called that Sheikh Lofollah Mosque. we have some free time for shopping and then we transfer back to hotel. we have a Abbasi Hotel night.
    we starting day 2 of this isfahan tour with a nice breakfast in Abbasi Hotel. after that we going to visit Isfahan. we transfer to Masjed Jammeh Mosque. one of the oldest religious place in Iran. this mosque was a fire temple before Islam. we feel the real of islamic and iranian art in this mosque. Masjed Jammeh is a Unesco site. we also can visit the Old Square (Imam Ali Square) located beside the Masjed Jammeh. this square is same as Naghsh-e Jahan Square. after that we going to eat lunch in Jarchi Bashi traditional restaurant. Jarchi Bashi is another traditional restaurant with Iranian food and live music. after lunch we going to visit Vank Cathedral. the famous church of Iranian christians. the church was built in first Shah Abbas era. after that we going to visit another religious place in Isfahan. the Fire Temple Of Isfahan. this fire temple is a Sassanid era archaeological complex located on a hill of the same name. this is a Zoroastrian fire temple. we finish our second day here and transfer back to hotel
    In day 3 of our isfahan tour we want to going out of Isfahan. so after breakfast we going to our VIP bus and start a 1 day trip. at first we want to visit Abyaneh Village. a traditional village in north of Isfahan. This village is one of the tallest residential areas in Iran with 2222 meter hight. Abyaneh is not just a village. it's museum.up to 1500 years old with a nice and unique culture and architecture. we have a half day tour in Abyaneh. so we have free time for shopping and visit village until noon. we eat lunch in Abyaneh restaurant. after lunch we continue our trip to Kashan. second big city of Isfahan proviance. a city with up to 6000 years old. city of Golab. Kashan is a so beautifull traditional city with several historical places and garden. historical houses, Fin garden and bath and other. we just can visit some of them in a half day tour. but no problem. we start visiting Kashan by Fin Garden and Bath. we have a half day Kashan tour and we transfer back to Isfahan at night for dinner and rest in Abbasi Hotel.
    Day 4 is the last day of our tour. so after breakfast we checkout from our nice hotel and we can have city tour by our flight time. if our flight is at night we going to visit Hasht Bhesht Palace in Isfahan. Hasht Bhesht is a Garden and Palace that built in Shah Soleyman era. one of the Safavid king. the palace have 2 floor with nice view. a big and beautiful garden with a palace in center of that. Hasht Bhesht is one of the beautiest palace in the world. the tourists say this the magic of art. we stay in Hasht Bhesht until noon and going to Soffe hill to eat lunch in Zagros restaurant. Zagros have a nice view to all of Isfahan. we can eat lunch and visit the city of art and culture. after lunch we going to visit Najvan Park. Najvan is near the Isfahan birds garden and flower garden. we finish our tour here and say bye to Isfahan.

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