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How to do Payment in Persian Touring

for complete any booking in Persian Touring, at first you should complete your payment. you can use your credit cards or paypal account to send the payment for us. So please follow us to know how to pay in Persian Touring. Step 1. Email Confirm after complete any booking in Persian Touring, you will receive […]

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iran transfer

How to Arrange Transfer in Persian Touring

Persian Touring can arrange any type of transfer for you. We support airport pick up and drop off services, any type of city and country tour transfer and etc. So let’s try to know how to arrange a transfer in Persian Touring. Step 1. Choose your transfer First step is choosing your transfer. so you […]

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Iran Visa

How to Arrange Iran Visa in Persian Touring

In Persian Touring you can arrange one month Iran Visa. For request a Visa you just need 5 step. Yes I know. it’s too much. but it just take 3 min. So let’s start. Step 1. Start In first step you just need to accept the terms of Iran Tourist Visa. It’s so important and I wrote […]

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How to Book a Tour

How to Book a Tour in Persian Touring

Hi In this post we want to show you, how to book a tour in Persian Touring. so let’s learn about that. for booking a hotel in Persian Touring, you have just 3 step. Step 1. Find your Tour For find a tour in Persian Touring you can use our search system or use our […]

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How to Book Hotel

How to Book Hotel in Persian Touirng

Hello This is the Persian Touring help you how to book hotel in Iran. We try to make a simple booking system for clients. you can arrange any hotel in Iran in just 4 step. So let’s start: Step 1. Choose Your Hotel For booking a hotel, at first you should choose your Hotel. so […]

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